Disability, age, injury and level of web experience are just some of the factors that affect how people use websites. We know that not everyone wants, or is able, to access our site in the same way.

This page links to resources that help you to adjust your computer to use our site, as well as other websites, in the easiest way for you.

What kind of adjustments and settings are available?

You can alter many things on your computer or browser such as:

  • Changing the font and size of text.
  • Changing the colour of text and backgrounds to create the combination that works for you.
  • Adjusting the speed that the mouse moves at or making it left-handed.
  • Altering screen resolution so that you see more or less content on your screen (which affects the amount you need to scroll).
  • Using shortcuts on your keyboard instead of a mouse.

It is usually very straight forward to adjust the settings of your computer or browser to do these things.

Some people add extra software or hardware (assistive technology) to their computer, for example a screen reader which reads the words on the screen aloud.

How do I adjust my computer?

AbilityNet is a charity which helps computer users to get the best out of their technology. There is information on their website about many kinds of adjustments.

The My computer, my way part of their website is a useful place to start if you want to see which adjustments are possible for people with certain impairments or difficulties.

AbilityNet also has information about assistive technology, and offers a wide range of factsheets on this as well as useful services and related organisations. The factsheets are free to download and many give a step by step guide to help you set up your computer to suit your needs.

The adjustments and technologies that AbilityNet describes will help with far more than just browsing websites. There are tips to help with all aspects of using computers.

Other sources of information on adjusting a computer

Microsoft keyboard shortcuts - guidance on using the keyboard instead of a mouse when using Microsoft products such as Internet Explorer.

Microsoft accessibility tutorials - more help from Microsoft with its products.

BBC My web, my way - explains how to change settings to make using the internet easier. There are some video case studies showing people using assistive technologies.

Access Firefox - to enable accessibility features in Firefox and download extensions.

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